Advanced Management Program

Set Direction, Drive Growth

Montevideo - San Pablo - Porto Alegre - Barcelona - Nueva York


The Senior Management Program (AMP) has been designed to offer managers and entrepreneurs the possibility of implementing a process of significant improvement of their management and leadership skills.

Mainly practice-oriented, the AMP exposes participants to general management issues currently affecting companies, updates knowledge and helps compare action criteria, decision-making processes and management styles, in the light of peer discussion, enabling professional and personal growth, which is otherwise difficult to achieve with experience only.



Learning Method

IEEM adopts a participant-centered learning methodology. Active learning efforts are made by participants, while professors’ role is to encourage and promote learning. This is the most effective approach for the development of managers and executives: learning through critical reflection and mainly by “doing”, i.e. by deciding.


The AMP is aimed at the top management level, responsible for making strategic decisions in the company; it has been designed to meet the training requirements of presidents, directors and general managers.

The admission process requires a personal interview and the completion of an application form.