Because you’ll learn by doing

In IEEM’s MBA, you’ll learn how to make better decisions through the Case Method. You’ll better and faster when doing, and a leader to foster other doers too.

Because the focus is placed on you

In IEEM’s MBA, the focus is on learning, doing and being, with professors’ close mentorship and continuous feedback on your personal and professional development.

Because the most successful people in the field will help you develop your decision-making skills

In IEEM’s MBA, professors have vast professional experience and outstanding academic qualifications.

Because it helps you reach the world

In IEEM’s MBA, you’ll be able to work with professors from foreign prestigious business schools, while analyzing cases of multi-national companies and other markets.

Because it offers various destinations during International Week

In IEEM’s MBA, you’ll have a unique opportunity to network and experience other business schools around the globe.

Because it’s recognized world-wide

IEEM’s MBA is the only program in Uruguay with two out of the three MBA certifications available worldwide.

Because it’s adjusted to you

IEEM’s MBA offers post-program workshops to help you cultivate your soft skills according to your needs.

Because you’ll think outside the box

Team meetings, in-course discussions and permanent critical analysis will change the way in which you look at and approach challenges.

Because you’ll take part in a community of over 3000 professionals

You’ll access unique networking opportunities with IEEM’s monthly exclusive activities for its Alumni

Because we know what we’re doing

DAn advisory committee formed by Harvard Business School and IESE Business School has been working with us since 1992.



Do you want to be an MBA in IEEM?

You need to:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree from a program of at least 4 years.
  • Have a minimum of 4 years of working experience.

Participants Profile




Step 01

Application Request

Attach your bachelor’s degree Transcript, your degree and identity card.

Step 03

Entry Test

An exam is performed to evaluate the applicant’s comprehension and retention of ideas, critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making skills.

Step 02

Personal Interview

Applicants are interviewed personally, to discuss their goals and ability to undergo the program.

Step 04

Admission Committee

With the information presented, the exam’s result and the interview performed, a committee analyzes the candidate’s profile in accordance with the program’s requirements.

IEEM’s MBA is certified by AMBA and EPAS and it’s the only MBA Program in Uruguay that has two out of the three most important certifications in the world.



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