The Master of Healthcare Organization Management (MDES) program integrates the learning of the main subjects related to general management and analytical tools for health planning, with an emphasis on developing decision-making skills.

The Master of Healthcare Organization Management promotes a qualitative change in order to achieve the following goals:

  • A global and integrated vision of the company from the general management perspective.
  • The development of new analytical tools for health planning.
  • An effective management focused on developing decision-making skills.

Learning Method

IEEM adopts a participant-centered learning methodology. Active learning efforts are made by participants, while professors’ role is to encourage and promote learning. This is the most effective approach for the development of managers and executives: learning through critical reflection and mainly by “doing”, i.e. by deciding.


The MDES program is aimed at professionals working in organizations in the healthcare sector, with a management vocation. The case method requires a previous knowledge of the organization’s characteristics, so a previous professional development of at least three years is preferred.

Admission process

Step 01

Enrollment Application

Attach copies of your bachelor’s degree transcript, your diploma and your identity card.

Step 03

Entrance Exam

Comprehension and retention, critical thinking, problem solving and business judgment are evaluated.

Step 02

Personal Interview

Candidates are interviewed in person in order to learn more about their skills and motivations for joining the program.

Step 04

Admission Committee

Based on the information sent, the exam results and the personal interview, the candidate’s profile is reviewed by the Committee, according to the requirements of the program.