Recently graduated professionals, up to 30 years old, often face a dilemma: they aspire to occupy positions of responsibility within companies, where experience is one of the most important requirements, but they lack the knowledge, skills and know-how required to become good managers. Under this scenario, the MBA seems to be a logical option to shorten that distance. However, in most cases, they do not have the required experience or know-how to be accepted or to make the most of the master’s degree. The financial aspect may also be a limitation.

What can be done to bridge the gap? IEEM designed the Young Professionals Program (PJP). It is aimed at recently graduated young professionals who aspire to occupy decision-making positions in organizations and have interests that motivate them to make the most of their time.


To help young professionals cover the cost of the MBA, the PJP operates a system of discount vouchers that are entirely dependent on their performance.


For participants ranked among the top 10% of the class (grade A). Being USD 6000 the maximum discount available.


For those who complete each seminar with a good mark (grade B).


The PJP allows participants to take three focused programs that are based on the same subjects as IEEM’s MBA. Participants gain knowledge applicable to their daily tasks in the business world and –why not?– applicable also to their personal life. Therefore, for those who are not considering the possibility of doing the master’s degree, the focused programs serve as training in itself, to help them become more efficient in decision-making. They are introduced to the case method, the “participant-centered learning method” or the “scientific method for decision-making”.

Participants will be immersed in an efficient methodology for analyzing business problems, increasing their capacity to act with a good chance of achieving the desired goals.

It provides an introduction to the conceptual framework and training in decision-making techniques, in contexts with high levels of uncertainty or an abundance of numerical data, with an impact on the economic performance of organizations.

The program aims to address, among others, the following questions: How to retain young talents in companies with a small structure? How to design a career in companies with the presence of young family members aspiring to assume greater responsibility? What should be copied from international companies? What should be avoided at all costs? How to identify risk factors in local businesses?



The requirements to enter the Young Professionals Program are:
Up to 30 years of age
Work experience
Management vocation

Cost of focused programs

USD 600 per focused program.
20% discount for children of IEEM Alumni Association members, UM Alumni Blue and companies agreements.
Itaú Bank Financing: 25% discount for cardholders (in cash or up to 12 installments, at no extra charge)


Complete the application form and send it to pjp@um.edu.uy
Once accepted, the registration is effective upon receipt of payment