La experiencia del Latam Outlook para una holandesa

Publicado el : 12 de Diciembre de 2016

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Germaine van Delden, alumnma del MBA de Nyenrode de Holanda, recomienda el Latam Outlook del IEEM. En la web de Nyenrode Business Universiteit, bajo el título: LATAM Outlook: expanding your global business network after IMBA, dejó su experiencia en el IEEM y en el Latam Outlook.

"After finishing my MBA at Nyenrode, I had the opportunity to extend my journey at IEEM, Montevideo (Uruguay). IEEM offers (international) students the LATAM Outlook Program. This Program gives insight into the peculiarities of doing Business in Latin America, including courses about Branding and Customer Centricity, Business Government, Financial Entrepreneurship and Economy. The courses are given by lecturers of IEEM and visiting professors of other business schools such as Harvard Business School. Next to the classes, IEEM arranged a visit to a winery where we not only tasted delicious wines, but also had a traditional Uruguayan lunch.

Montevideo is a culturally rich and vibrant city. Although it is often not on the list of European travelers, it is definitely worth to visit. Next to beautiful historical buildings, there are plenty of nice restaurants where you can experience the tasty Uruguayan cuisine. If you like a good steak, you must visit Montevideo's old port market building, called Mercado del Puerto. This impressive indoor market shelters different ‘parrillas’ (steak restaurants).

The great courses, the warm welcome of the people of IEEM and the beautiful country, made that studying at IEEM was an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend to go and experience it yourself!"

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